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Lay3rs AMcart bundled with 2 Bambu Lab P1S Combo 3D printers
Lay3rs AMcart bundled with 2 Bambu Lab P1S Combo 3D printers 4143,- Excl. VAT

Lay3rs AMcart bundled with 2 Bambu Lab P1S Combo 3D printers

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Lay3rs AMcart: The Ultimate 3D-Print Trolley for Education now as a bundle including 2 Bambulab P1S Combo printers.


The Lay3rs AMcart is an innovative mobile trolley, specifically designed to facilitate the use of 3D printers in educational environments. The AMcart is developed with a focus on engineering education in primary and secondary schools, technical schools, and maker zones. By offering a seamless, safe, and efficient way to integrate 3D printing technology into the classroom, the AMcart promotes hands-on learning and stimulates student creativity. With its versatile features and user-friendly design, the AMcart is a valuable addition to any engineering classroom.

Advanced filtration

The AMcart is equipped with an advanced filtration system consisting of both a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. These filters work together to create a safer and cleaner working environment by removing fine dust, volatile organic compounds, and odors that can be released during the 3D printing process. By ensuring a clean air environment, the AMcart contributes to the well-being of students and teachers.


The front of the AMcart features safety glass, providing a clear view of the printing process while also serving as a barrier against noise pollution. The glass is break-resistant and provides an additional layer of safety for both students and teachers. The interior is equipped with bright LED lighting, allowing users to easily follow the progress of their 3D print projects and quickly identify and solve any problems.

Durable design and material

The AMcart is made from high-quality birch plywood and finished with a scratch-resistant HPL top layer in a stylish anthracite color. This ensures a long lifespan and visual appeal, making the AMcart both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The robust frame is designed to withstand daily use in an educational environment, while simultaneously being easy to move around.

Special Adjustment for Bambu Lab printers

The AMcart is specially designed with Bambulab 3D printers in mind. An additional pull-out drawer has been built in to catch the residual material that is released during filament changes. This keeps the workspace clean and tidy, and saves time that would otherwise be spent cleaning up loose particles. This attention to detail makes operating the printers a seamless and stress-free experience, allowing students and teachers to fully focus on their creative projects.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

The AMcart features a spacious work surface that is ideal for preparing and finishing 3D print projects. In addition, there is ample storage space for the storing of tools, accessories, and filaments, neatly and organized. Pull-out drawers provide easy access to the 3D printers.


The AMcart, while robust and sturdy, is designed with mobility in mind. Thanks to the built-in casters, the trolley can be easily moved around the classroom or workshop, making it extremely flexible and versatile. Whether you need extra space for a special project, or want to share the 3D printers between different classes, the AMcart makes it possible.

Support, value and availability

At Lay3rs, we take pride in providing extensive support for our products. We offer after-sales service and maintenance for the AMcart along with the printers, giving you peace of mind that you can always count on us. The AMcart is not just a trolley for 3D printers - it’s a complete solution that adds value to any
educational environment. For availability of the AMcart, you can contact our sales department. We also offer special packages tailored to the needs of schools and educational institutions.

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