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Ultimaker 3 desktop 3Dprinter
Ultimaker 3 desktop 3Dprinter 2995,- Excl. BTW

Ultimaker 3 desktop 3Dprinter

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SKU: 9670

De Ultimaker 3 is de meest betrouwbare dual extrusion 3Dprinter op de markt. Achieve complex designs and improved 3D print performance, thanks to its unique auto-nozzle lifting system, professional build and support material combinations, and swappable print cores.

Featuring seamless hardware, software and material integration, the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended enable designers, engineers and manufacturers approach the innovation process in a completely new way. Create complex geometries and achieve remarkable design intricacy with the most reliable dual extrusion on the market.


Hoofd eigenschappen

  • Bouwvolume: 215 x 215 x 200 mm
  • Laagresolutie: 20 micron for 0.4 mm nozzle
  • Print temperatuur: tot 280 ˚C
  • Dual extrusion
  • Maak gebruik van wateroplosbaar support materiaal
  • Verwisselbare print cores
  • Verwarmd bouwplatform inclusief actieve leveling


Wat zit er in de verpakking?

  • Ultimaker 3
  • 2x Print Core AA 0.4 mm
  • 1x Print Core BB 0.4 mm
  • Spoelhouder met NFC kabel
  • 1x spoel PLA (350 gram)
  • 1x spoel PVA (350 gram)
  • Ethernet kabel
  • USB stick
  • Toolkit (lijmstick, sleutels, materiaalgids, calibratiekaart etc.)
  • Testprint van uw Ultimaker 3

Hardware eigenschappen


  • Dual extrusion. Combineer bouwmaterialen met wateroplosbaar supportmateriaal om complexe mechanische onderdelen en ingewikkelde oppervlaktes te creëren. Of print simpelweg met twee verschillende kleuren. Het automatische nozzle-lifiting systeem garandeert een gladde en professionele afwerking bij iedere 3Dprint die u maakt op de Ultimaker 3.
  • Verwisselbare print cores. Faster print core changes mean higher uptime and easier maintenance. Your Ultimaker 3 comes with print cores for build (AA) and support (BB) materials. There’s a customized nozzle geometry per material – ensuring lower clogging risks and a more reliable 3D printing experience.
  • Geoptimaliseerde koeling. De Ultimaker 3 heeft een krachtig en stil ventilatie systeem welk beschikt over twee nieuwe radiale ventilatoren elk met een geoptimaliseerde ventilator koker. Dit zorgt voor een perfecte druk opbouw en een verbeterde luchtstroom over uw producten. Zo garandeert Ultimaker een betere koeling, hoge kwaliteit bridging, hoge print snelheid en gladde oppervlaktes.
  • LED status indicators. Elke Printcore biedt u een perfecte 3D print ervaring door de ingebouwde LED indicatoren om de gebruiker te verwittigen als de gebruiker moet ingrijpen. 

Professionele 3D print ervaring

  • Optimized Cura material profiles. Extensively tested preconfigured Cura profiles make for a smoother, more seamless 3D printing experience by automatically adjusting the necessary settings for each material and print core. Produce consistent, quality results with every print.
  • Material recognition with NFC scanner. Built-in material recognition system ensures your 3D printer is primed and ready for the task. Ultimaker 3 detects and identifies the material on the reel holder and checks the correspondence of a filament and print core type being used.
  • EEPROM print core chip. The EEPROM chip in the print core memorizes the size and type of your nozzle, notifies you in case of misuse and, as a result, helps achieve higher print success rates.

Eenvoudige bediening en connectiviteit

  • USB poort. Ervaar stand-alone 3Dprinten met een USB stick (16GB USB stick inbegrepen).
  • Wi-Fi / LAN. Verstuur de printopdracht snel en gemakkelijk naar uw Ultimaker 3 via Cura. 
  • Live camera. Monitor iedere stap van uw 3Dprint project vanaf een afstand door gebruik te maken van de ingebouwde camera feed. Het resultaat? Geoptimaliseerde processen en volledige controle.

The heated build plate

  • Active leveling. The capacitive sensor in the print head measures distances between the print bed and the nozzle, and the tilt angle is compensated by adjusting the z height in the first layers. The result? More accurate leveling and improved build plate adhesion.
  • New refined design. The Ultimaker 3 features a build plate that’s lighter and stiffer, which reduces vibrations and helps produce an unrivalled print quality. The removable glass plate makes it easy to access your prints.
  • Heated build plate. Thanks to the heated glass build plate, you can print using many different materials and with improved build plate adhesion.

Dual geared feeders

Geared feeders exert more force on the filament, and also eliminate heat exposure from the motor. Change your 3D printing materials with ease, select the correct pressure with a push on a button, and use the lever function to manually insert or remove a filament. More control means more successful, reliable and durable 3D print results, without compromise.

Industrial-grade materials

  • Ultimaker materials. Print with a wide range of materials, including Nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE and PVA – with material portfolio due to be expanded with CPE+, PC and TPU 95A in the future. Combine two build materials for dual-color 3D prints or achieve state-of-the-art complexity with build and water-soluble support material combinations (Nylon/PVA and PLA/PVA).
  • NFC material scanner. Your Ultimaker 3 identifies the material that is being loaded and checks the correspondence of the filament and print core type you are using. Coupled with our extensively tested preconfigured material profiles in Cura, the Ultimaker 3’s material recognition system ensures your 3D printer is set for the highest-quality results.
  • Open filament system. With our integrated ecosystem of reliable hardware, extensively tested materials and cutting-edge software, you are guaranteed the highest level results and optimized 3D printing experience. Yet, thanks to the Ultimaker open filament system, you have the freedom to try and test other types of existing filaments or manufacture your custom solution that would match your specific requirements.


Left or right nozzle:
215 x 215 x 200 mm
(8.5 x 8.5 x 7.9 inches)

Dual extrusion:
197 x 215 x 200 mm
(7.8 x 8.5 x 7.9 inches)


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