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Mass Portal Pharaoh XD40
Mass Portal Pharaoh XD40 10890,- Incl. BTW

Mass Portal Pharaoh XD40

€10890,- €10.890,00
* Incl. BTW | Excl. Verzendkosten
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The Pharaoh®
We set out to design a multi material desktop printer that would be able to print high-quality, precision parts quickly, with a maximum level of convenience, using standard materials from a range of manufacturers. To achieve these design goals, we had to rethink the desktop 3D printer from a blank sheet of paper. The result is a refined machine that can be used for demanding work day-in and day-out, with stunning results that speak for themselves.

Mass Portal Pharaoh uses the so-called delta robot technology as the basis of the mechanical design. Quiet operation at a minumun level of vibrations goes without saying — even at very high printing speeds. This allows convenient use of the machine in places like offices, classrooms and even living rooms.

The frame of Pharaoh printers is made of sturdy aluminum extrusion profiles (reinforced with steel panels on the Grand Pharaoh). This ensures a long printer life and maximum geometric precision over time, even if the printer gets moved around or transported. In case this is not enough, Pharaoh printers are equipped with an automatic calibration system.

Pharaoh® Printhead
The key element of the Mass Portal printers responsible for the high print quality. Designed to heat up quickly, melt filament efficiently and print in very consistent way layer after layer.
Triple cooling fans keep even the smallest details crisp. Single nozzle, Double or Triple extrusion allows printing multi-color parts or multi-material parts with compatible materials.

Heated glass printbed ensures perfectly flat surface with optimum part adhesion temperature. Printer software allows for different bed coating options — use bed coating that’s most suitable for your application.

Mass Portal geared extruders ensure maximum force filament drive — minimizing the possibility of head clogging and allowing printing of demanding materials. The custom drive gear grabs the filament efficiently — with virtually no filament slipping. The extruder is capable of printing select flexible materials like NinjaFlex.

MP Original brass nozzles and chemically resistant stainless steel heat breaks are exchangeable for different applications. Available nozzle diameters — 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8 mm.

HD printing
With a minimum layer thickness of 0.01 mm, Mass Portal printers are capable of printing parts that have no visible layers — surface quality on par with more expensive printing technologies.

Open materials
Our printers are designed to work with the best 1.75 mm thermoplastic filaments, printing at temperatures up to 300° C.


Technology            :Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Extruder                :Single Extruder or dual Extruder
Printing resolution  :10 till 600 micron (dependent from nozzle/material)
Printing speed        :till 300 mm/s High-Precision mode: till 160 mm/s
Temperature nozzle:till 300° C
Filament                :PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, TPU, TPE, Wood etc.
Filament diameter  :1.75 mm
Build volume          :Diameter: max 40 cm height : 40 cm
Heated bed            :heated bed till 110° C
Connectivity           :USB 2.0 & SD card
Software                :Simplify3D® license included
Supported OS         :Windows, Mac OS
Warranty                :1 year
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